Transfabrik: Franco-German Fund to be launched 30 January 2015

transfabrik-call for applications
The Franco-German Transfabrik Fund for the living arts will be launched on Friday, January 30, 2014 at the Kampnagel in Hamburg, for the presentation of the last creation of Boris Charmatz, ‘‘Manger’’.
The Franco-German Transfabrik Fund encourages cooperation projects and artistic creation between France and Germany for the living arts through financial support via coproduction in the fields of contemporary dance, contemporary theater, performances, new circus acts, street arts, theater of objects and puppets.
This Fund follows the Transfabrik project developed in 2013 whose aim, as part of the fiftieth anniversary celebrations of the Elysée Treaty, was to open up a new area for encounters and exchanges between France and Germany in the field of the living arts. Enriched by its expertise and positive report of 2013, the Bureau du Théâtre et de la Danse of the Institut français of Germany and the Goethe Institut of Paris would like to keep up the momentum and assist the cultural bodies of both countries in their cooperation projects, by setting up a Franco-German Transfabrik Fund for the living arts.
A call for projects will be published each year in February, and broadly announced on different communication media, in print and on the web, particularly on its dedicated website:
Transfabrik Dokumentation / Reportage

The Fund will be launched on Friday, January 30, 2014 in Hamburg for the presentation of Boris Charmatz’ last creation, “Manger”, at the Kampnagel. As it is the case in his previous works, Enfant and Levée des conflits, dancer and choreographer Boris Charmatz continues, with his new creation, “Manger”, choreographed for 14 dancers and 5 children, to explore all the realms of possibility with regard to dance. The movement’s center of gravity travels to the mouth: How do we devour, How do we digest the reality?
The performance will be preceded by an encounter between German and French programmers on the issue of supporting creation and co-production in both countries.