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Five Photographers. A tribute to David Goldblatt

David Goldblatt, South Africa's iconic documentary photographer has devoted his photography career to observe and document his country for over 60 years.
Globally known, respected and acclaimed for his work, Goldblatt has chosen four photographers from the region whose work he admires, to be featured in a new exhibition at the Gerard Sekoto Gallery in Johannesburg brought by the French Institute of South Africa and the Alliance Française of Johannesburg:


Five Photographers
A tribute to David Goldblatt:
An exhibition of Alexia Webster, Jabulani Dhlamini, Mauro Vombe and Pierre Crocquet

Curated by John Fleetwood (and David Goldblatt)



Alexia Webster
"In Alexia Webster's 'Street Studios', she uses street corners and public spaces to set up outdoor photo studios in different communities. Passing families and individuals are invited to interact to create portraits with the photographer. In these stories, notions of belonging intertwine with the constructed nature of the encounter. She has created street studio's in Cape Town, Johannesburg, refugee camps in DRC and South Sudan, rock quarries in Madagascar, and in Mexico and India." - John Fleetwood


Jabulani Dhlamini
"When Jabulani Dhlamini was a youngster he frequently heard the names of Biko, Hani and Sobukwe; but without knowing who they were he assumed them to be relatives. He grew up with these assumptions and today has a feeling for them of a certain closeness. Something of that closeness permeates his essay on Sharpeville, the place where 69 black people were killed by the police in 1960 and where Dhlamini was brought up and lives. Sharpeville was and is still a harsh and unbeautiful place. In his pictures Dhlamini shirks none of this but conveys nevertheless the intimacy of family, memory and belonging." - David Goldblatt


Mauro Vombe
"Many photographers, including some of great fame, have photographed people in crowded trains and buses, but none that I know of has achieved the sense of survival made monumental of which Vombe's photographs speak. They are completely of the moment and yet beyond time. They put me in mind of Cartier Bresson's timeless 1948 photograph of people in Shanghai climbing and shoving at any cost to get to the bank and the gold." - David Goldblatt


Pierre Crocquet
"Pierre Crocquet tried to interest me in his work at a time when I was heavily committed to a major project. To my shame I failed to respond and when I finally tried to do so, he was dead. There can be few who engaged with paedophilia and child abuse so plainly, frankly and yet delicately as Crocquet. Seldom has any piece of work in photography and words been more frighteningly titled than Pinky Promise. Survival in "Pinky Promise" is in utter contrast to survival in Mauro Vombe's buses." - David Goldblatt


If you are interested by the photographers' work, sign up for one of the two walkabouts. In presence of the artists and the curator of the exhibition, John Fleetwood, you will have a guided tour of the exhibition. The presentation will be follow by a Q&A.

-  5th May at 11am

23rd May at 12am

> RSVP at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



composition photo Goldblatt 2


It runs from the 4th of May to the 31st of May
Monday to Friday: from 9.00am to 7.00pm
Saturday: from 9.00am to 1.00pm
Sunday: closed

Gerard Sekoto Gallery, Alliance Française of Johannesburg, 17 Lower Park Dr, Parkview, Johannesburg, 2122


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