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CNL aid programmes for foreign translators, publishers and bookshops

“Le Centre National du Livre” (National Book Centre), a public institution under the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, encourages the creation and distribution of high-quality works of literature. It provides direct support to the various individuals and companies working at all levels of the book industry (writers, translators, publishers, bookshops, libraries, event organizers etc.). Its aid programmes take the form of grants, funding for preparatory work, zero-interest loans and fellowships and scholarships awarded on the advice of specialized committees. Interested? Read more below about the aides or go directly to the CNL website.

Foreign Translators:

The CNL provides residency scholarships for foreign translators – whether young or already established – who wish to stay in France to work on a translation project commissioned by a foreign publisher having a publishing contract for a French work. The scholarship application has to be submitted by the translator. The scholarship is 2,000 euros per month, for a duration of 1 to 3 months. Interested? Click here for the full details.


The CNL allocates grants to foreign professional publishers wishing to publish translations of high-quality French works covered by a copyright assignment contract with a French publisher. All foreign languages are eligible. The grant request is submitted by the French publisher. The grant covers the assignment of copyright and the translation costs and image rights, to the exclusion of all other publishing costs. The amount granted can represent up to 100% of the amount advanced on account and from 30% to 60% of the translation cost and/or of the extra copyright fees for abroad. The translation must be done by an independent translator and paid by the publisher responsible for publishing and distributing the work abroad. Interested? Click here for the full details.


Outside France, the CNL supports bookshops that promote French-language publications and editorial production in foreign countries. Official recognition as “French-language Bookshop of Reference” conferred by the CNL opens the door to operating subsidies for the diversification and promotion of books and periodicals in the French language. This official recognition is accorded for a period of three years. Interested? Click here for the full details.

The CNL also assists in the creation of bookshops, with funding for inventory acquisition, computerization and the training of personnel. This funding is in the form of purchase loans or grants and is limited to no more than 50% of the total cost of the project. Interested? Click here for the full details.

Books - Calls for applications

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