Marie-Aude Murail's "Oh, boy!" : a story like no other

A prolific French author, Marie-Aude Murail has published several teen novels in which she dares to confront various important issues. Her best-seller “Oh, boy!” was awarded several literary prizes and has even been adapted for the TV under the title “One does not chooses one's parents. ” The book waits for you at Dibuka, feel free to (re)discover it!


Following the tragic suicide of their abandoning mother, the three children Siméon (14), Morgane (8) and Venise (5) swear never to leave each other. To  avoid being dispersed in different orphanages, they embark in a trip looking for other members of the family that could become their legal guardian. They soon find Barthélemy, an extravagant but immature character, and Josiane, an unpleasant ophthalmologist. Problem: these two hate each other. Will the children respect their oath? Will their relatives tolerate them?

Through this uncommon story, the author wished to approach difficult themes that concern today's teenagers such as death, sickness, suffering or extended and blended families. Marie-Aude Murail gives us here a lively gallery of portraits, a book full of subtle and engaging characters. Her daring treatment of usually taboo topics like death and sickness is a success, as is her clever use of humour in the middle of otherwise unbearable situations. This novel also engages with the debate on hot topics such as the adoption of children by homosexuals parents or marital violence (through the character of Aimée, a Barthélemy's neighbour). For the teenagers, the book invite to the dialogue with their parents as they will want answers to their many questions regarding these complex topics. This moving novel of Marie-Aude Murail is thus a must for every teenager aged 12 or more.


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