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The clever editorial policy of "Autrement Jeunesse"

For years, the French publishing house “Autrement Jeunesse” – of which some books are available at Dibuka – has had an ambitious editorial policy. Betting on the children intelligence, it acknowledges them the ability to feel emotions, to think and to ask questions both to themselves and to others. The child is considered as a reader in his own right, just as an adult would be; and must be given suited books that are written and designed specially for him.

“Autrement Jeunesse” publications aim to counter the loss of meaning in our contemporary world. Today's media, the Internet particularly, reproduce a mess of news and images invariably destabilizing children whom judgement and critical faculty has not formed yet. To balance this, “Autrement Jeunesse” books foster the transmission of knowledge between generations by enhancing the children-parents dialogue on topics like arts and culture. Children being tomorrow's parents, it is essential to stimulate their development and to let them become well-informed, blooming adults. In this regard, “Autrement Jeunesse” cause is of public utility. The publishing house believes in the importance of knowledge transmission, it refuses the pervading pessimism and keeps fighting for its ideals.

This does not mean that the sensory aspects of the publications are neglected. An ideal book is a synthesis between entertainment and education. Nothing better for a child than to learn by amusing ways. As “Autrement Jeunesse” catalogue put it: we keep believing that books still have a function, that it remains a key tool in transmitting knowledge and that publishing books for children is a public-spirited act.” “Autrement Jeunesse” publications target mainly the very young children (between 0 and 2) except for the albums that are more suited for children between 2 and 8. Some books are also designed for older children (of 8 and more), such as the “Little Philosophy Album”. The readers must not be children only: parents and teachers can use “Autrement Jeunesse” publications as the perfect medium to teach their kids.


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    Dibuka receives books from the Fondation RATP and the Biblionef association

    Thanks to the Fondation RATP, also known as the Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens which is a state-owned public transport operator headquartered in Paris, France, the Biblionef association, a book donation non-profit organisation based in France and the French Institute of South Africa, Media… Read more
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