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12 things you didn’t know about the French Author Franck Thilliez

12 things you didn’t know about the French Author Franck Thilliez

Crime author Franck Thilliez, one of the French authors participating at the Franschhoek Literary Festival, answered few questions just for you:

Franck Thilliezfranck thilliez bred to kill 2

1.Is it your first time in South Africa?

Yes, but it is a very beautiful destination that I would have visited one day anyway!

2. What are you expecting from your trip?

Taking part to a festival is always a great moment of sharing and meeting. It is another way to discover a country. It is going to be short but intense. Several South Africans crime authors came to France, and today it is a pleasure for me to go to meet them on their land!

3. Choose few words to describe yourself?

Not as dark as my books! People are afraid of me when they read my stories, but they should do the contrary: meet me first, then read my novels! When I go out of my office, I am a "family" man, and happy to live...

4.What is your favourite crime author?

Stephen King, even if he isn’t crime author, he rocked my childhood.

5.What is your favourite movie?

The thriller "The Silence of the lambs ", otherwise, "Schindler’s list", but there are a lot!

6. Which fictional characters would you like to embody?

An adventurer, like Robinson Crusoe. Probably because I would have liked to be an adventurer and I am not at all!

7.What are your sources of inspiration?

The world around us. Human beings and their excesses. My ideas are inspired by the big fears engendered by science such as nuclear, bioterrorism, medical experimentation...

8.What is the definition of imagination in your opinion?

The ability that we have all to travel, beyond time and borders, simply by closing our eyes.

9. What are your future projects?

Writing my fifteenth novel (already!), as well as a detective series for a large French TV channel, also the comic strip adaptation of one of my books ... and a lot of other projects!

10. What are your hobbies?

Movies, chess, running. And go to places that are scary! (abandoned houses, museums of medicine and horror ...)

11. What is your favourite saying?

It is not my saying expression but Marek Halter’s (a French writer and activist): "Certainly dreaming of a donut is a dream, but not a donut. But dreaming of travelling is already a journey."

12. What is your most crazy dream?

Go to the North Pole and see bears ... (or South Pole, it is less far from South Africa !!)


Follow him on Twitter: @fthilliez

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Scheduled events at the Franschhoek Literary Festival

Friday 15 May 10am Congregational Church "Trade Secrets"
Saturday 16 May 4pm Congregational Church "What a Plot I've Got!"
Sunday 17 May 10am Congregational Church "Brothers in Crime"

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