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12 things you didn’t know about the French Author Olivier Truc

12 things you didn’t know about the French Author Olivier Truc

Crime author Olivier Truc, one of the French authors participating at the Franschhoek Literary Festival, answered few questions just for you:

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1. Is it your first time in South Africa?

2. What are you expecting from your trip?
Many. See or meet again South African authors in their land, taste the South African wine, discover a country which fascinates, research on the period of the establishment of Cape Town for an upcoming historical novel, find out more about the links between Sweden and the ANC at the time of the Apartheid regime.

3. Choose few words to describe yourself?
Curious, stubborn, a good listener, often dissatisfied, etc.

4. What is your favourite crime author?
My mother, who does not write thrillers.

5. What is your favourite movie?
The one that I review in my own head for my next book.

6. Which fictional characters would you like to embody?
The Count of Monte Cristo.

7. What are your sources of inspiration?
The people that I meet.

8. What is the definition of imagination in your opinion?
The ability to overcome all constraints.

9. What are your future projects?
The sequel of the Wolf Strait, then a historical novel set in 17th century in Lapland and six or seven other books, for starters!

10. What are your hobbies?
Researching for my forthcoming books.

11. What is your favourite saying?
The one that I will use in my next book , which is classified top secret.

12. What is your most crazy dream?
Send all the idiots on Jupiter and, hoping that Jupiterians don’t hold it against me and continue to buy my books.


Follow him on Twitter: @OlivierSweden

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Scheduled events:

Friday 15 May 10am Congregational Church "Trade Secrets" (Franschhoek Literary Festival)
Saturday 16 May 1pm Hospice Hall "Telling Tales or Tub-thumping?" (Franschhoek Literary Festival)
Sunday 17 May 10am Congregational Church "Brothers in Crime" (Franschhoek Literary Festival)
Monday 18 May - Alliance française, Cape Town
Saturday 23 May - Kingsmead Book Fair, Johannesburg

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