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French journalist at the "Roundtable: Freedom of Expression"

French journalist at the "Roundtable: Freedom of Expression"
Saturday 4 July at 10am / Blue Lecture Theatre
as part of ThinkFest, National Arts Festival 2015
Duration: 60m / 
Tickets: R30

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The French Institute of South Africa and Freedom of Expression Institute join forces to present a roundtable about press freedom with guest Sophie Marsaudon, French journalist from Radio France Internationale (RFI), Sheniece Linderbroom, acting Executive Director of the Freedom of Expression InstituteGabriella Razzano, head of legal research at the Open Democracy Advice Centre and the Director of Policy and Strategy at CODE for South Africa, and Heather Robertson, editor of the Herald and the Weekend Post. Anthea Garman, Associate Professor (writing & editing and media studies) at Rhodes University, will chair the debate.

On 7 January 2015, gunmen attacked the offices of French magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris, killing 12 people including the editor and celebrated cartoonists. The satirical magazine has a long history of publishing intentionally controversial and provocative cartoons and covers. The attack on Charlie Hebdo represented an attack on media freedom and a violation of the rights to free expression. However, beyond the solidarity shown by the rest of the world for the victims, the attack reignited long standing debate on how freedom of expression is contextually defined in ways that differ between countries.

On a broader scale, the role of the media and particularly those who are tasked with editorial decision making is today increasingly defined by local constructs such as cultural sensitivity, political partisanship, legal norms, social values which increasingly define media freedom and free expression as a less universal principle.

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Sophie Marsaudon
is a 
French news producer at Radio France Internationale (RFI). She has spent much of her career working for international radio stations. She started at the BBC, where she spent eight years roaming the African continent before opening the BBC’s first African office in Abidjan. She then joined RFI and has successively worked for the station’s Economics, African, International and French departments. The 1997 winner of the Bayeux War Correspondent Award, Sophie Marsaudon now heads up training courses at the Académie France Médias Monde (http://academie.france24-mcd-rfi.com/) and also lectures at Sciences Po’s school of journalism.

Sheniece Linderboom is acting Executive Director of the Freedom of Expression Institute. As head of the
law clinic, she has identified and managed various cases that FXI has been involved in that are aimed at advancing the legal exercise of free expression in South Africa.

Gabriella Razzano is 
the head of legal research at the Open Democracy Advice Centre and the Director of Policy and Strategy at CODE for South Africa.

Heather Robertson is the editor of the Herald and the Weekend 
Post. She has extensive experience in communications including print, broadcast and digital media. She has worked as a writer, journalist, editor, documentary researcher and scriptwriter, publicist, managing editor and deputy editor at a variety of South African newspapers, television and radio stations and international magazines which include the largest circulation South African Sunday paper, The Sunday Times and Elle Magazine.


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