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Books - Publishing support

  • Publishing support

    Novel to be translated: Guillaume and Nathalie

    Guillaume and Nathalie by Yanick Lahens A man and a younger woman meet in contemporary Port-au-Prince, the violent, poverty-stricken, fearsomely beautiful Haitian capital. Their passion is at once carnal and intellectual, touched by the shadow of a past trauma. In choosing to write this novel… Read more
  • Publishing support

    Novel to be translated : Nina

    NINA by Frédéric Lenoir, Simonetta Greggio Adrien is a single, forty-something Parisian with no children. He has lost all lust for life and one evening decides to commit suicide. He writes a will and a last letter to Nina, the love of his life, the only woman he loved passionately and… Read more
  • Publishing support

    Books - Publishing support

    Grants to South African Publishers for the Acquisition of RightsThe French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Institut français offer a grant program to help publishers offset the cost of acquiring the rights for books translated from the French.Grants to South African Publishers for Translation… Read more


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