International star director Jean-Jacques Annaud as French delegation guest of honour at DIFF

International star director Jean-Jacques Annaud as French delegation guest of honour at DIFF
16-26 July / Durban International Film Festival

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Photos: middle and center - stills of the film Le Dernier Loup (Wolf Totem), right - Jean-Jacques Annaud

Academy Award Winner and internationally renowned French filmmaker, Jean-Jacques Annaud will attend the festival to present his new film, Wolf Totem, screened for the first time in South Africa and to be released after DIFF by Videovision.

The director of Seven Years in Tibet, Quest for Fire, The Name of the Rose and The Bear has worked with many stars like Brad Pitt, Sean Connery and Jude Law.

Jean-Jacques Annaud will premiere his new film in South Africa at DIFF as part of an exceptional line-up of French films and guests present this year at the festival, including Boris Lojkine (Hope) as part of a Cannes Critics’ Week best-off. 

For the first time, two prestigious Cannes Film Festival sections will be represented in Durban, the Critics’ Week and the Directors’ Fortnight, together with a delegation of Reunion Island and experts from Produire au Sud- 3 Continents Festival taking part to the Durban FilmMart industry programme for the third consecutive year.

Don't miss Annaud's beautiful adaptation of the Chinese best-seller by Jiang Rong which will be screened in South Africa on Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 July at 20:00 at Supernova Cinema (Suncoast) in presence of the director.

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Chen Zhen, a young student from Beijing, is sent to Inner Mongolia so as to educate a tribe of nomadic shepherds. But it is in fact Chen who has a lot to learn – about life in this vast, hostile, and breathtaking land, about the notion of community, liberty, and responsibility, and about the most feared and venerated creature of the steppes, the wolf. Seduced by the complex and almost mystical bond between these sacred creatures and the shepherds, he captures a wolf cub in order to tame it. But the burgeoning relationship between man and animal – along with the tribe's traditional way of life and the future of the world itself – is threatened when a regional representative of the central authority decides to do whatever it takes to eliminate wolves from the region.

About Jean-Jacques Annaud
Jean-Jacques Annaud was born in Draveil, south of Paris, France, Annaud attended the prestigious L'Institut des Hautes Etudes Cinematographiques. He graduated at the age of 20 and quickly achieved success directing commercials. He is best known for his films Seven Years in Tibet and Enemy at the Gates.