Four French films at Encounters documentary festival!

Encounters, the famous South African International film festival, has just launched its 13th edition. Programmers have strived to offer you the best documentaries of the moment, watching over 400 films to select only 35. Among them are four exciting French films…

A long story

France shares a long history with the Encounters festival – from 9 to 26 June, see the program and schedule here. Widely acclaimed as Africa’s most prestigious documentary festival, the event is supported by the French embassy in South Africa since its very beginning, thirteen years ago. A special relationship confirmed once again this year with the presence of French director Ségolène Hannotaux – our previous article here – and with the selection of four inspiring French movies. A daring work on a not less daring topic, Hannotaux’s G-Spotting: A story of pleasure and promise explores a concept that has long been hailed as the great sexual liberator of women. Problem: the exact location of the G-Spot remains elusive and scientists are still searching for a distinctive anatomical feature. Discussing the issue with believers and sceptics, the film is build as a quest of the most famous spot in the world.

Poisonous food, Chinese Africa and crazy rock and roll

Another powerful documentary is Our daily poison (see picture) by the engaged director Marie-Monique Robin. A specialist of sensitive topics, she focuses this time on the pesticide market (a business worth about R250 billion annually) and its direct consequence: the chemicals in our food. Nick and Marc Francis When China meets Africa offers a perceptive look on the Chinese involvement in Africa by mixing stories of Chinese working in Zambia, following in the same time a Zambian Minister on tour in China to secure more funding. Finally, Wild Thing by Jerome de Missolz – IMDB page here – is a poetic rockumentary that explores rock’n’roll memory, gracefully fusing the intersections of legend, theatre, sex and, of course, music. Plenty of amazing choice thus, in this Encounters edition. Enjoy!

Hadrien Diez