Screening of "Noire ici, Blanche là-bas", a film by Claude Haffner

The Alliance française of Johannesburg is pleased to invite you to the screening of of "Noire ici, Blanche là-bas", a film by Claude Haffner, on Thursday the 26th of July at 7.00 pm. The film tells the story of Hffner's quest in search of her African identity. Haffner is of mixed race, born in 1976 to a French father and a Congolese mother in Zaïre (today’s Democratic Republic of the Congo). Her father Pierre Haffner was a film lecturer at the French Cultural Centre in Kinshasa when he met Claude’s mother Sudila Mwembe. Claude grew up in Alsace with her brother Frédéric Haffner and never went back to Congo.

Pierre Haffner passed away in 2000, and having become a specialist on African art and cinema, he left behind a collection of African art together with photos and taped accounts about Congo and Africa. His passing left a great void in Claude who, in the hope of filling this void, decided to return to Congo with her mother to meet her Congolese family. She returned home with footage and somewhat worried about her family and her country. Her home region Kasaï had been destroyed by the plundering for its diamond riches, and she was concerned about the region’s future and its position in Congo.

This is the starting point of Claude’s investigation. She delves into their shared material, intellectual and psychological heritage. She interviews her mother who still lives in Brunstatt about her country, her family and her history. In the search of answers to her questions she returns, alone this time, to Mbuji-Mayi, the capital of Kasaï and the centre of the diamond trade. Michou, her cousin travels with her to the heart of the diamond fields.

Despite unemployment, poverty and lack of activity the inhabitants of Mbuji-Mayi remain hopeful owing to the new governor’s development policies. Alphonse Ngoyie Kasangie is striving to bring back order to a town ravaged by years of plundering by foreign diamond merchants in suit and tie. The hope for development in Mbuji-Mayi is the hope for the future of Africa, a continent that can no longer rely on the outside world for help; only on herself. ("Noire ici, Blanche là-bas" is a South-African production by Ramadan Suleman and Natives at Large).

Alliance française of Johannesburg - 17 Lower Park Drive corner Kerry Road - 2193 Parkview / Thursday 26th of July at 7.00 pm / Book your seat on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.