French comedy, Serial Teachers, in cinemas from 10th January

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Serial Teachers (Les Profs, in French)
is a comic book adaptation from actor-director Pierre Francois Martin-Laval. The film was a massive hit in France, ranking number 5 of the box office charts in 2013 with nearly 4 million admissions.
The Jules Ferry secondary school is seemingly beyond hope. The principal has tried throwing the best teachers he can find at the problem, but the students never seem to get to grips with the matter of actually learning anything. Finally the school administrator lays down the law: increase the grades of the student body by 50% in the next term or the doors will close for good. 
Desperate and willing to resort to any method to turn things around, the principal does the unthinkable: He hands the teaching reins over to a group of reprobates and crazies to try to get through to the kids. All he can hope now is that their normally disastrous teaching methods can succeed in obtaining some surprising results.
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