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Live music by Reunionese band, Grèn Sémé, in June

Live music by Reunionese band, Grèn Sémé, in June
12 -27 June 

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Reunionese sounds coming to SA shores, Lesotho and Zimbabwe. 
Grèn Sémé’s music is deeply rooted in the tradition of “maloya”, which originates from Reunion Island as well as exploring new horizons and new sounds. In this musical “laboratory” comes to life a mix of singing and experimentation, between blues and joy, rebellion and tenderness, that the band call "evolutive maloya".

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Charismatic singer Carlo de Sacco is representative of the new generation of the island’s artists, bred with traditional ternary rhythms of Indian Ocean. Grèn Semé sewed in its cultural soil a blend of experimental maloya, using Fender Rhodes, electric guitar and analogic keyboard sounds, with World music influences and Electro club. The lyrics both in creole and French are poetic and engaged.

Their new album release produced by studio sorcerer Yann Costa (Zong, Nathalie Natiembé...) comes after 5 years of stage performances and a long list of awards (Découvertes Printemps de Bourges 2012, Prix Alain Peters 2012).

Maloya is a form of music, song and dance native to Réunion Island. Of mixed racial origins since its outset, maloya was created by Malagasy and African slaves on the sugar plantations and was eventually appropriated by the whole of the island’s population. Initially conceived as a dialogue between a soloist and a choir accompanied by percussion instruments, maloya exists today in an increasing variety of forms, both in terms of texts and instruments (the introduction of djembes, synthesizers, drums, etc.). Sung and danced on stage by professional or semi-professional artists, it is mixed with rock, reggae or jazz and inspires poetry and slam. More

Dates to put in your diary:
Friday 12 June at 7pm - Durban, South Africa - Festival Zakifo 
Tuesday 16 June at 6pm - Pretoria, South Africa - Alliance francaise 
Thursday 18 June at 7:30pm - Bulawayo, Zimbabwe - Horizon Bar, Pioneer House 
Friday 19 June at 7:30pm - Harare, Zimbabwe - Alliance Française 
Saturday 20 June - Port Elizabeth, South Africa – Richmond Hill Music Festival
Friday 26 June at 4pm - Maseru, Lesotho - Outdoor, Alliance Française Maseru 
Saturday 27 June - Johannesburg, South Africa - Fête de la Musique, Newtown

Follow Grèn Sémé 
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/gren.seme?fref=ts
Twitter : https://twitter.com/GrenSeme?lang=en
Website: http://www.gren-seme.re/

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