François Sarhan at the National Arts Festival

2011-telegrams-nose9 & 10 July 2011

Last April, French composer and artist François Sarhan presented a series of creations, from exhibitions to music and books, via performances with world-renowned Portuguese percussion band, Drumming Grupo de Percussão.

South Africans are invited to attend Telegrams from the Nose, the result of the collaboration between William Kentridge and French composer Francois Sarhan, for the first time at the National Arts Festival as part of a double bill including the Lectures by Professor Glaçon.

Telegrams from the Nose
Falling somewhere between a musical, a video and an installation, Telegrams from the Nose is a combination of Russian futurism, poems by Daniil Harms and records of Stalinist trials. The graphical material comes from preparatory studies for the production of Nez (Nose), by Shostakovitch, which Kentridge is preparing for the Metropolitan Opera (2010).

Lectures by Professor Glaçon
French composer François Sarhan introduced Professor Henry Jacques Glaçon to the South African public in April 2009 at Arts on Main’s first public event in Johannesburg. With his hilarious lecture, the Professor had his audience in stitches and promised himself that he would come back. This year, François Sarhan will lead the way into the creative world of the eccentric Professor Henry Jacques Glaçon: a wacky and absurd universe filled with stories, videos, collages, musical works.

Besides the conception of the Encyclopedia, a collection of universal knowledge designed by François Sarhan and written by a team of experts directed by Henry Jacques Glaçon, several concerts, shows and installations came to light afterwards, of which the Lectures of Professor Glaçon.

These lectures are intended to bring knowledge to a wide audience, far from the closed clubs of educated societies and academic circles! It is high time for the world to know the truth about the famous and mysterious Automatic Guitar, Paul-Emile Descatiaux and the Holomusic. In order to win this challenge, Professor Glaçon gives a series of lectures seconded by musical and visuals illustrations which shall shed light on his words. As such, the subjects of the Encyclopedia will be explored without fear of confronting the highest peaks of complexity, of depicting controversial personalities, or of taking out their last certainties from dumbfounded spectators.

Sarhan will present The Automatic Guitar and Other Fascinating Yet Forgotten Episodes of Music History with musicians from the collective crWth.

N.B.For those who will miss the performances of Telegrams from the Nose & Lectures by Professor Glaçon at the National Arts Festival, there will be another chance to watch this double bill at the Market Theatre within the framework of the Refuse the Hour season.