FABRICE LAMBERT African Tour: Durban | 7 May

Gravité © L'Expérience Harmaat - Hanna Hedman


The French Institute of South Africa and the Alliance Française of Durban are proud to introduce Fabrice Lambert an eclectic French artist who combines dance, choreography, and installation. Mr. Lambert will be touring in Durban as part of his African tour where he will perform his two pieces Gravité and D'Eux #2 at the Durban University of Technology on May 7th.


Gravité is both an installation and choreography. A body leans on a stretch of smooth water through which light and sound constantly come, revealing, in doing so, the slightest movements on the water . United by these movements, body and water become one entity; they are fused into one graphic image. As part of his African tour, Fabrice Lambert with his new project Gravité will be performing at the Durban University of Technology.


"With D'Eux #2, I wish to continue my research on the points I worked with during the creation process of D'Eux (2008 - Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine- Saint-Denis). Influenced by the work of Malevich, especially his Black Square on White ground (1915), I continue my work on abstraction, and the context of what I present. Considering my body as material and color, working on tonal, my dance, crossed by gravity, plays with our perceptions, and brings back, from my abstract body, the energies that put in motion." - Fabrice Lambert




D'Eux #2 © L'Expérience Harmaat - Hanna Hedman


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