Treasured Lunch with the South African dancer and choreographer Vincent Mantsoe

2016 Vincent Mantsoe


Vincent Mantsoe, dancer and choreographer presented "Konkoriti" in Durban Jomba Festival (3rd and 4th September) and in Johannesburg at the Wits Theatre, Moving into Dance and Dance Forum (7th, 8th and 9th September 2016).

We had lunch and asked him few questions.


1. How do you describe yourself as an artist, do you consider yourself a diaspora artist ?
VSKM: As an artist I move with time, yes a diaspora artist, and maybe beyond, as I believe in the preservation of culture today, and having to introduce different cultures in my work, with respect and appreciation.


2. What is the role of a choreographer, to inspire, to teach or to lead?
VSKM: A role of a choreographer is to transport, to educate, and yes to inspire the public. To be a leader in your community and be educative.


3. Being a South African leaving in France and sharing all the experience of both countries for you, how does it feel as an artist?
VSKM: Leaving in France gave me the chance to appreciate my culture and my country even more, the chance to express my art in a deeper sense. As an African, my roots are the most important expression in my work.


4. Coming home after 3 years, what changes do you see in the performing arts fraternity that you like and part of?
VSKM: Unfortunately, I have not seeing much of South African dance/art in the last few years, and the changes that I have felt or seen are the changes of the either the companies or individuals philosophy, yet the issues may be coming from the funding body for the arts in general, but mostly for Dance, hence personally and as an artist, I would love to have a collaborative process with one or two of the South African artist, as I believe that as a South African sharing my experience with younger artist possibly can lift their spirit.


5. Your show KonKoriti which is coming to Wits theatre on the 8 Sept 8pm, what the audience can expect since it is your last performance in South Africa for 2016.
VSKM: as most of my dives in the human and human experience and sometimes political, the audience may experience almost the same journey, but more refined and detailed. The physicality or power.


6. Any work in the pipeline that we might have the opportunity to see next year?
VSKM: At the moment I am concentrating on touring KonKoriti as it the new work, but maybe in the 2018, I will be creating a new work with The Orchestre National de Auvergne ion France.