"LADY LADY" at Dance Umbrella Festival 2017

 2017 Edna Jaime- Desir Davids- Gaby Saranouffi  Val Adamson


This year again, IFAS participates to the Dance Umbrella Festival and proudly supports "Lady Lady" collaboration at Dance Umbrella Festival on 2 –3 March 2017


LADY, LADY proposes an experience into a female universe built up by the personal journeys of three female artists from different countries within the Southern Africa region (South Africa, Mozambique & Madagascar)
The three artists share, search, explore and exchange their realities together in order to give voice to various commonalities, challenges & images. The work seeks to question the image, value attributed to and the objectification of women by challenging, sometimes highlighting preconceived ideas of what a women is, or should be. It is a commentary on current issues facing women on the African continent.


Copyright for picture : Dadiodato Gomes
Link Youtube: https://youtu.be/ax663Lz52v4 Long version : https://youtu.be/xrhZ0GMWuh8