Dance, a powerful mean of changes in society

Hors SérieToyi Toyi by HORS SERIE Company (France) and Via Katlehong (SA)
to be presented in France and SA in 2015

Combining dance, theatre and the spoken word, Toyi Toyi is a choreographic piece for one dancer from HORS SERIE Company (Bordeaux – France) and three dancers from Via Katlehong Company (Katlehong – South Africa), based on the historical theme of post-apartheid. The title Toyi Toyi refers to a protest dance associated with activist songs originating in the streets. It was adopted by the South African masses during political demonstrations under apartheid, and characterised by jumps and virulent chants. Through the medium of toyi toyi dance, this new production proposes a fresh perspective on contemporary South Africa. Hip hop, gumboots and pantsula are also dances rooted in strong social and political history; the means of expression of a community coming from the mines and the streets. On stage, both French and South African dance companies invented their own language by transgressing those original dances.

Dates to put in the diary:

Toyi Toyi’s residency for artistic creation 
from 12 to 30 January 2015 in the following venues:
The Forgotten Angle studio at University of Johannesburg
Via Katlehong Art Centre
Spring Theatre

Talkshop | Open Discussion
Thursday 29 January at 18:00 for 18:30 | Joburg Ballet
Followed by wine and cheese
Free | Bookings essential on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
HORS SERIE Company and Via Katlehong Dance Company will present extracts of Toyi Toyi and Joburg Ballet will present a classical ballet piece, Phyllis Klotz (Sibikwa Arts Centre) will facilitate a discussion with French and SA dancers around dance as a powerful mean of change in society.
Toyi Toyi dancers: Frédéric Faula (FR), Buru Mohlabane, Steven Faleni and Vusi Mdoyi (SA)
The Joburg Ballet dancers: Heke Chele and Kitty Phetla

Joburg Ballet at Joburg Theatre (backstage entrance)
Hoofd Street - Braamfontein
Parking available at National School of the Arts across the road from Joburg Ballet

Toyi Toyi work in progress will be presented at:
Friday 30 January at 18:00 for 18:30
Springs Civic Theatre
Corner 7th street and 2nd Avenue

Toyi Toyi premiere
2 and 3 April in the framework of Répertoire(s) au Cuvier
Centre de Développement Chorégraphique d’Aquitaine – Artigues près Bordeaux (France)
SA dates to be confirmed

More information

Based for more than ten years in Bordeaux, the company founded and directed by dancer and choreographer Hamid Ben Mahi from Bordeaux has, creation after creation, challenged and pushed back the boundaries of hip-hop dance. Hamid Ben Mahi has created a fusion of dances to form his own distinctive style.

The Via Katlehong Dance Company
Launched in 1992, the company comes from Katlehong township, east of Johannesburg. The company is internationally renowned for mixing pantsula with neo-traditional dances like gumboot and steps creating their own style.

Photo © Hors Série