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Reunionese choreographer Soraya Thomas at My Body My Space

7 February 2015
My Body My Space Festival, Ekurhuleni

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Photos left to right: Marten Persiel ©Festival Dance Pei 2013, © Jean-Noel Enilorac – Photographe Réunion

Reunionese choreographer and dancer, Soraya Thomas, presents her work K.I.S. (Kub In Street) as part of My Body My Space taking place in Ekurhuleni on Saturday 7 February 2015 between 15h and 16h40 at the Oliver Tambo Cultural District in Watville in City of Ekurhuleni.

K.I.S (Kub In Street) consist to bring a contemporary form in a dedicated space (high school,public garden,city hall square). Here a cube inhabited by a dancing character. An awareness that we are all distinct, different from others and the idea that we are oneself an indivisible whole person, is one of the maturity task according to “Yung”. He names it as an individualisation process, an internal process which get through by consideration of contradictory and conflicting elements of a person to become a free adult. This notion bring us back to a personal fulfillment, what do we have to abandon? Accept to give up to grow up? KIS purposing a view of this internal mutation while interrogating the intimate speech through three super heroine’s stream of consciousness.

Watch an extract of K.I.S. here

K.I.S. is presented at My Body My Space with the support of the French Institute of South Africa.

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About Soraya Thomas

Soraya Thomas completed her dance training at the Annecy Conservatory that at that moment is under direction of Jean-Marc Boitière. In 2000, she graduates and receives her state diploma. She enters the Coline company, a professional insertion cell for young contemporary dancers. There she meets Jean-Claude Galotta, Michel Keleminis, Myriam Burns…for who she will play different roles.

In 2002, she arrives at Reunion Island where she meets Eric Languet (performer of Lloyd Newson). He creates his own company “Danses en l’r”. She will work for him as a dancer during more than ten years. She participates in different projects like “Interludes”, “Faux-ciels” and is in “Chemins faisant” and in “On était tous là pour s’aider” in 2006.

In 2007, she choreographs a work written by Shakespeare,“le songe d’une nuit d’été”, for the SAKIDI company and makes her first choreographic piece in 2007 with “I didn’t mean to…?”.

She becomes a performer for various companies on the island, such as the Schtrockben company and Tétra Danse. In her work she integrates the band Virus Eye. Together with DJ Hybreed they create a visual and musical universe starring a manga doll with texts written by Soraya herself a bizarre electro sound.

In 2011 she launches the company called “Morphose” and in 2012 she choreographs “ECOUTES”. She takes part in a project called “Instinct” and “Macadam Instinct” of Yann Lheureux and performs in “Somewhere, out there, life was screaming” of Eric Languet.

She creates K.I.S in 2013

Artistic approach

“Esthetical beauty has always been an important issue in my own choreographical research. What is beautiful on a scene, why does it become it and for who is it beautiful? The use of contemporary dance art itself talks without words and gives the piece a meaning. The virtuosity of the movements serves the message. The body in movement talks for itself if the performer knows the intentions, if his inner self is filled with the emotion we are looking for. Contemporary dance allows a free interpretation by the spectator. This liberty gives everybody the freedom to imagine”. Soraya Thomas

Morphose Company

Created in 2011, Morphose is a contemporary dance company that focuses on sound space and on the gathering of various artistic domains according to the meaning of the piece.

Morphose means to take a form or to give a form which echoes in the practice of the dance that is under direction of Soraya Thomas, who is also the choreographer of the piece.

Following “I didn’t mean to…?”, she decides to create this structure to develop her bizarre universe and to share it with other artists.

“What touches me the most in the practice of contemporary dance is the use of the body to diffuse an offbeat meaning of duality and fogginess. The body, theatre of our emotions, can transform itself: it can become ugly, it can become beautiful, rough or soft. It can make our qualms appear.
The body material is a time travelling moving material, nothing stops, everything shifts and re-synchronises to reach this instable balance.
Soraya Thomas

The company is supported by DACOI (Direction des Affaires Culturelles de l’Océan Indien), la région Réunion, la mairie de St-Paul, le TCO (Territoires des communes de l’Ouest), le Théatre les bambous, le Kabardock, Le Séchoir, Le CIC (Centre des Interventions Culturelles), LESPAS.

My Body My Space

My Body My Space is a new festival of public arts happenings co-ordinated by The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative (FATC) in the City of Ekurhuleni, east of Johannesburg between February 2 and 7 2015. It will blend staged performance with ‘guerrilla’ style events designed to contribute to awareness of key issues such as social cohesion and nation building.

Featuring a range of works by Johannesburg’s top contemporary choreographers and dance companies, community based artists and craft, it celebrates 20 years of democracy as it explores issues relating to gender violence and the impact of HIV/Aids; and aims to re-stitch communities and spaces that have previously been separated, to shine a light on the role of women, children and other vulnerable members of society and find a shared voice and experience around critical, personal and social issues.


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