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An exhibition exploring one’s origins and history

© Hannah Paton

This collective creation tackles an ever recurring issue in today's society. A mixed group of individuals a township in the outskirt of Grahamstown were invited to reflect about their origins and history. Together with the French collective of artists Les Grandes Personnes, they worked for two and a half weeks to produce these stunning puppets using wire, papier mâché, old bottles, colours and cloths. The South African artists built their ancestors, sculpted them and dressed them. Their work stands at a crossroad between sculpture and puppet or doll making. Then, they performed with the puppets during the rehearsals and five actual shows which were part of the main National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. Ancestors-Voorvaders-Izinyanya connects one person’s destiny with that of the group, by placing an individual within a history.

This exhibition will be on show for one day only and Vuyani, one of the artists involved in the project, will guide you through the exhibition.

Events details:
Saturday 25 May from 9am
Yeoville Recreation Centre, 36 Cnr Raleigh and Fortesque streets, Yeoville
Free Entrance

The project is presented as part of the celebration of the Africa Week Carnival and Festival 2013, organised by the Yeoville Community Trust.

The project was implemented and made possible with the support of the National Arts Festival, the South Africa - France Seasons 2012 & 2013, the Institut Français, the French Institute of South Africa, the Région Île-de-France and Villa Mais d’ici.  

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