"The Secret of My Grandmothers’ Horns" by Franck Estevan

4 - 24 October 2014
Bayliss Gallery, Norwood
Opening on 3 October

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It all started with my grandmothers! On one hand, Anne-Marie, born in Brittany, a region in West of France, nurtured a passion for fashion, auction sales and jewellery, especially for brooches. On the other hand, Joséphine, of Spanish origin, based in North Africa until the mid-sixties, was more into nature and animals. She used to find and collect a great amount of items from the African "pampa"… I spent my childhood listening to their stories. Through this exhibition, I pay tribute to them. I was immensely inspired by my Sunday walks across South African veld. There came the idea to associate animals’ skulls with ancient jewels, to paint and accessorise them in order to create art pieces. I am very close to nature and animals. I am also an animal advocate, especially about endangered species. I pay tribute to them by kind of “resuscitating” them!!

Exhibition details:

70 Grant Avenue, Norwood
Mon - Fri 9.00am - 5.30pm
Sat & Sun 9.00am - 3.00pm

About Franck Estevan

Born in Brittany, France in 1968, he arrived in South Africa in October 2012, after spending 20 years in Reunion Island, 4 years in Brittany and 2 years in Versailles, respectively.

Franck is an animal lover and feels very close to nature.

After exhibiting several times in Reunion Island, Brittany and Versailles, Franck is thrilled to be able to present my "Art" Here in South Africa....

Musical Artist, Actor, Acrobat, Performer, Dancer, Drag Artist, Fashion Designer,Chef Cooker, Hotel Owner, Trainer, Plastic Artist, Humorist, Stylist, And Giraffe Warden !!!!


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