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"Reacting to Chemistry": an exhibition demystifying modern chemistry opens at Sci-Bono, Johannesburg

“It’s full of chemicals; it must be really bad for you.” We have all heard and uttered this trite phrase. Yet it is meaningless since chemistry is not merely a collection of products and manufacturing methods. It is also a way of describing the world around us, a branch of knowledge, a language. But what is this language exactly? Can I learn it, master it? How can it help me? An exhibition created by Universcience opens Tuesday 13 November 2012 at the Sci-Bono Centre, Johannesburg, to show that chemistry is present all around us in a wide variety of forms: as ingredients in everyday consumer products, in natural reactions which fashion life forms, and in industrial manufacturing processes.

The exhibition is intended to demystify the processes at work in chemical transformations impacting our lives. It offers a number of simple yet amazing chemistry experiments that operate on an automated basis. This is the key challenge of the exhibition and what makes it entirely unique. However, other more complex chemistry experiments are only available when there is a facilitator to demonstrate them. The exhibition also reflects the concrete changes in modern chemistry in order to meet the current demands of sustainable development and the environment: to be cleaner, more efficient and more innovative.

"Reacting to Chemistry" - Sci-Bono, Johannesburg - From 13 November 2012 to 1 May 2013 - An event part of the France-South Africa Seasons 2012&2013


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