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SVALBARD ['svalbad] by French photographer Benjamin Pothier

4 December 2014 from 6.30pm | Kalashnikovv Gallery

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The exhibition features images from the photographer’s recent "Arctic Circle Residency". As an artist, he connects to the site, the landscape, the nature and surroundings, through photography and documentary film direction. Pothier defines the Arctic as the perfect place to engage into life and art experiences. Through his work, he hopes to create a discussion around the Arctic situation and the globalized aspect of the Climate question. 

Full interview and more info about the man himself and his practice here on we-make-money-not-art

Drinks Kindly Sponsored by Grolsch
The exhibition runs until 12 December 2014.
Kalashnikovv Gallery, 153 Smits Street, Braamfontein

Benjamin Pothier will also take part in the 
Fak'ugesi Digital Africa Conference, aimed at creating a platform for research on technology, art and culture in Africa, and presenting local and international research where technology as a convergent form intersects with socio-culture, development and creative practices. He will lead a session titled 'No Nature on the Space Ship Earth' at Wits Digital Arts Seminar Room on Friday 5 December between 5pm and 5.30pm. He will deal with the evolution of the post-digital organic landscape through the rapid hybridization of practices, from genetic engineering to the creative use of nano technologies and syncretic approaches that are made easier by an always growing number of  planetary connected telematic networks. Click here for more info.

>>> Check out some view of the exhibition here!

About Benjamin Pothier

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Benjamin Pothier (Born 1973 in Orléans) is a French Photographer, Artist and Director, and a Ph.D. Candidate at the Planetary Collegium CAIIA Hub, Plymouth University, United Kingdom. 
An Arctic Circle Residency Alumnus, he was the First French selected for the Ars Bio Arctica residency at Kilpisjarvi’s Biological Station in Lapland in 2014 and for the Arctic Circle residency 2013 in the international territory of Svalbard, up to 20° from the North Pole, organized by The FARM, INC a NYC based cultural organization. He has presented his work internationally (Sculpture, Video, Installations, performances, Short and Documentary films), including : Nemo International Film Festival 2004 (Paris),The LIFT#8 Conference in Geneva (2008), D.A.T.A Event 44.0, Science Gallery, Dublin (2010), the Space Up Event at the European Space Agency headquarters in Paris (2013), and his [8KNOTS] solo show at the Norway House in Paris (2014). His photograph exhibition [Svalbard] at Kalashnikovv Gallery, Johannesburg (2014) will be his first exhibition in South Africa.

About the Kalashnikovv Gallery

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The very nature of art questions the status quo. It gives voice to those who cannot speak. It is a platform for those who are not heard or seen. Kalashnikovv is a contemporary fine art gallery and project space which is dedicated to providing support to both emerging and established South African artists. Kalashnikovv challenges the conventions of the art gallery in its manifestation, conduct, audience and motivation. Convention has made art a pastime of the elite. Kalashnikovv is a re-articulated exhibition space, orientated towards the deconstruction of the art–space. This allows Kalashnikovv to be the first gallery to stop asking what art is, and rather answer where it can be found.

Kalashnikovv Gallery

Directors MJ Turpin and Matthew Dean
Digital & Design Tanya Page

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