3.5 million years of human evolution at the Sterkfontein Caves, Gauteng, South Africa

Joint seminar IFAS-Research, the Evolutionnary Studies Institute and the School of Geography, Archaeology and Environmental Studies of Wits University
Thursday 24 August 2017

09:30 – 13:30 – Archaeology Lecture Theatre, Origins North Bdg. Lecture Room (1st fl), Wits University

  • Amélie Beaudet | Paleoanthropology | SGAES, Wits
    The Sterkfontein hominin assemblage: how the world’s richest Australopithecus-bearing site contributes to unveiling the human brain evolutionary history.
  • Laurent Bruxelles | Geology | INRAP & IFAS-Research
    Stratigraphy of Sterkfontein’s Member 2: relationships with cave evolution, breccia accumulation, Little Foot fossilization and recent dating.
  • Ron Clarke | Paleoanthropology | ESI, Wits
    The past and future of Sterkfontein hominid research.
  • Kathleen Kuman | Archaeology | SGAES, Wits
    Sterkfontein’s archaeology: past achievements and future prospects.
  • Shani Reddy | Paleoanthropology | SGAES, Wits
    A hominid juvenile partial maxilla (StW 629/631) from Sterkfontein and associated artefacts.
  • Dominic Stratford | Geology | SGAES, Wits
    The Sterkfontein Member 4: past, present and future.