Odyssey ‘Round the World: Rhapsody 11

© Center for Hellenic Studies, Harvard University

Dr. Carla Bocchtti, a researcher affiliated with IFAS-Research, organised last December an alternative reading of the Odyssey in different languages spoken in Mozambique. The project is part of Harvard University’s (Center for Hellenic Studies) project Reading Greek Tragedy Online.

The video of book 11 of the Odyssey (Odysseus visits the underworld) was recorded in Mozambique with the support of Eduardo Mondlane University. The video was filmed at Gonzalo Mabunda’s atelier, the Mafalala museum, as well as the Italian School Falcone in Maputo. 

The music is from the first papyri found of ancient Greek music, which is an epitaph. The photographes of Ilha de Mozambique and Nacala Bay were taken by Mariano Silva, a Portuguese photographer based in Maputo.

The video is available on the YouTube channel of the Center for Hellenic Studies (Harvard University): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIgBeMiv8Ug&feature=youtu.be