100 Years of Memory

South Africa and WWI

In July 2016, South Africa will commemorate the Centenary of the WWI Battle of Delville Wood, when 3 ‍‍200 troops of the South African Infantry Brigade arrived on the battlefield of Delville Wood in the department of La Somme (France). This battle became one of the deadliest Somme engagements of the First World War, in which the Union of South Africa lost almost two-thirds of the complement of its Overseas Expeditionary Force in less than a week of warfare.

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The Ideological Scramble in Africa

How the Dream of African Development shaped a Continental Cold War (1945-1966)

French Institute Seminars in Humanities (FISH)

01 June 2016
15:00 - IFAS Conference Room, 62 Juta Street, Braamfontein

Frank Gerits
NRF / University of the Free State

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Cuba & Africa

Engagements, Circulations and Racial Representations in the 20th Century

International Conference

23-24 May 2016

The Institute for Humanities in Africa (HUMA)
University of Cape Town, Republic of South Africa

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Lesedi #19 - April 2016

This issue of Lesedi has Namibia as its focus:

Laurent Bruxelles writes about La mission Human Origines in Namibia : à la recherche d’un nouveau berceau de l’Humanité and Jonathan Benabou about Élements pour une anthropologie historique des Damara (Namibie).

Also find information on our researchers, conferences and publications.

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How does a picture act ?

The power of images in San’s rock paintings from South Africa and Namibia, through examples of therianthropes and rain-animals

Tuesday 5 April 2016, 18:00
Origin Center, Wits University


Thursday 7 April 2016, 20:00
South African Archaeology Society, Rodean School auditorium

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