Lesedi #19 - April 2016

This issue of Lesedi has Namibia as its focus:

Laurent Bruxelles writes about La mission Human Origines in Namibia : à la recherche d’un nouveau berceau de l’Humanité and Jonathan Benabou about Élements pour une anthropologie historique des Damara (Namibie).

Also find information on our researchers, conferences and publications.

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Lesedi #18 - March 2015

This issue of Lesedi has Angola as its focus.

Léa Barreau-Tran looks at "Itinéraires d'une commerçante angolaise dans la mondialisation", Chloé Buire looks at post-war urbanisation issues with "Luanda après la guerre : une urbanisation sous contrôle ?", while Mathias de Alencastro look at the politics of national development with "L'Angola d'après-guerre : politique de développement national - la cas de Lunda Sul".

There is also information on interesting reseach programmes, publicatios and conferences.

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Lesedi #17 - March 2014

In anticipation of the upcoming Congress of the Pan African Archaeological Association, at Wits in July, this issue of Lesedi has Archaeology as its focus.

Aurore Val looks at "The Taphonomy of the Australopithecus Sediba of the Malapa Fossil Site " in Gauteng, Guillaume Porraz gives an overview of "16 Years of Archaeological Survey on our Hunter-Gatherer Ancestors at Diepkloof Rock Shelter" on the West coast, and Marina Redondo looks at "The Emergence of Bladelet Technology in South African Prehostory. The Status of the Robberg Lithic Industries".

As always, the newsletter includes updates on research, publications, conferences and seminars.

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Lesedi #16 - September 2013

The focus of this issue is the BRICS.

Carolina Milhorance de Castro looks at "The 5th BRICS Academic Forum: Towards a Long-Term Vision and Partnership with Africa?", Agathe Maupin investigates "A New Trilogy? BRICS, Infrastructure and Development on the African Continent" and Christopher Wood says why "A BRICS Bank Matters".

As always, the newsletter includes updates on research and publications, and conferences and seminars.

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lesedi #15 - January 2013

In this issue we focus on Water Policies and Practices in Southern Africa.

Maud Orne-Gliemann looks at "A Participatory Water Management? The South African Policy of Local Water Management" and Agathe Maupin investigates a "Regional Approach for Water Policies in Southern Africa.

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