Southern African Cities Watch



The Southern African Cities Watch, housed at IFAS, is a cluster of programmes in urban studies on the sub-region, which aims at creating scientific synergies between current programmes dealing with these problematics. The idea is to put at the disposal of French researchers current programmes as well as existing French and South African literature; to put at the disposal of South African researchers different foreign perspectives and; from the point of view of applied research as financed by the AFD, to put at the disposal of South African decision-makers a tool and an expertise disconnected from local political issues. The research institute has many scientific objectives, including the will to go beyond South African borders and make the best of regional dynamics, to propose comparisons with other continents in a South-South perspective in particular and, through an interdisciplinary approach, to give importance to the social dimension in understanding urban realities. The various programmes includes: UNPEC, Yeoville Studio, Urban Densification (AFD), Governing the Large Metropolis, Adaptation (EIVP).