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  • Lesedi #19 - April 2016
    This issue of Lesedi has Namibia as its focus: Laurent Bruxelles writes about La mission Human Origines in Namibia : à la recherche d’un nouveau berceau de l’Humanité and
  • Lesedi #18 - March 2015
    This issue of Lesedi has Angola as its focus. Léa Barreau-Tran looks at "Itinéraires d'une commerçante angolaise dans la mondialisation", Chloé Buire looks at post-war urb
  • Lesedi #17 - March 2014
    In anticipation of the upcoming Congress of the Pan African Archaeological Association, at Wits in July, this issue of Lesedi has Archaeology as its focus. Aurore Val look
  • Lesedi #16 - September 2013
    The focus of this issue is the BRICS. Carolina Milhorance de Castro looks at "The 5th BRICS Academic Forum: Towards a Long-Term Vision and Partnership with Africa?", Agath
  • lesedi #15 - January 2013
    In this issue we focus on Water Policies and Practices in Southern Africa. Maud Orne-Gliemann looks at "A Participatory Water Management? The South African Policy of Local
  • Lesedi #14 - July 2012
    Michel Lafon asks the question "Is education bringing the long due Africanisation of Mozambique?" while William Kelleher presents "A case study of out-of-school language p
  • Lesedi #13 - December 2011
    In this issue focussing on political issues, Victor Magnani looks at "Beyond Racial Dynamics in the South African Political Space, The Constrained Ambition of the Democrat
  • Lesedi #12 - March 2011
    Yolanda Sadie investigates "The perceptions of students on democracy and issues of governance in the Democratic Republic of the Congo" and Marie Jacobs looks at "South Afr
  • Lesedi #11 - July 2010
    In this issue Lydie Cabane looks at "Dealing with Xenophobic violence in South Africa: anti-politics machine?", while Karine Ginisty has "A geographical perspective on Ama
  • Lesedi #10 - November 2009
    Mathieu Mérino looks at  "Party System and Elections in Malawi. First Analysis of the May 2009 poll", while Maya Leclercq investigates "Rooibos. Therapeutic infusion or na
  • Lesedi #9 - July 2009
    In this issue, Lorraine Roubertie looks again at Jazz in South Africa: "Jazz comes from Cape Town? Jazz in South Africa since 1994: The Example of the Western Cape", while
  • Lesedi #8 - April 2008
    In this issue Lorraine Roubertie presents "Jazz in South Africa after 1994: Heritage and Transformations" and Thomas Guignard looks at "South African and the Internet". Do
  • Lesedi #7 - October 2007
    In this issue, we present APORDE, the African Programme on Rethinking Development Economics, and Pele le Pele, programme on the "Development and Modernisation of African L
  • Lesedi #6 - January 2007
    This issue gives a place of honour to History and Archaeology during the second semester of 2006. Download the English version . Télécharger la version françasie .
  • Lesedi #5 - July 2006
    This issue contains an interview with philospher and author Rada Ivekovic, and programme upodates on "The role of education in the construction of a participatory and mult
  • Lesedi #4 - February 2006
    Judith Hayem looks at "Miners and HIV/AIDS. Detection and Treatment Programmes", Michel Lafon presents "Learning isiZulu and Languages at School", Renaud Lapeyre investiga
  • Lesedi #3 - July 2005
    In this issue the focus is on "Research on Education Transformation". Vijé Franchi and Jean-Paul Payet  look at "Transformation, (de)racialisation and (de)ethnicisation fo
  • Lesedi #2 - January 2005
    In this issue, Marianne Morange and Sophie Didier give a research report on "Cape Town's Community Improvement Districts: first conclusions regarding public / private "Coo
  • Lesedi #1 - August 2004
    In this issue, the members of the Khoesan Archives programme focus on "For or against Neolithic of Southern Africa? Background and Stakes of a Debate on the History of Peo

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