Look back at our latest conference: Apartheid as Method for Worldmaking after the Empire

Reflecting on the recent conference organised by one of IFAS-Research’s 2024 grantees, Samukelo Ndlovu.

From the 24th – 26th of April, academics across fields ranging from history, literature to filmmaking were convened to unpack the legacy of apartheid at the Humanities Graduate Centre at the University of the Witwatersrand for the conference entitled: “Apartheid As A Method for Worldmaking after the Empire”.

Panel Discussion led by Dr Linda Masilela after poetry recitals, during the “Poetry for Theorising Apartheid” session on Day 1 of the Conference. Left to Right: Phillippa Yaa de Villiers, Dshamilja Roshani, Kamohelo Chauke and Dr Linda Masilela.
Picture Credit: Ndumo Ntuli

This conference offered a platform for critical reflection and dialogue concerning discussions that remain crucial in understanding the complexities of South Africa’s past and present, as we commemorate 30 years since the end of apartheid. Panelists such as Dr Ntando Sindane, Dr Wendell Moore, Dr Kholeka Shange and Dr Athinangamso Nkopo dove deep into the complexities of post-apartheid South Africa and its lingering impact on society.

Keynote Speaker Dr Ntando Sindane enlightening the audience with his insights during his hour-long address on “Rethinking Apartheid Histories, Presents and Futures.” His address shed light on how historical narratives shape our understanding of the present and future. Picture Credit: Ndumo Ntuli

“Rethinking Apartheid Histories, Presents, and Futures”, “The new apartheid, neo-apartheid, and other post-of- apartheid musings” as well as ““Weaving histories from below: On new apartheid narratives, language as a tool, and Township Democracy” are some of the panel themes worth mentioning that brought interesting perspectives from the speakers to the fore. From robust discussions that brought valuable insights, to poem recitals, art performances and even movie screenings, we explored apartheid’s legacy and its relevance today through various mediums.