Cold Animals, Vibrant Images

Lascaux and Stone Age Rock Art in Europe


Public lecture by Camille Bourdier

as part of the Public Lecture Series Rock Art & Symbolic Expression. A Southern Africa – France Dialogue


Tuesday 15 May 2018

18:00 for 18:30 | Origins Centre Museum 

 Wits University, West Campus, Corner of Yale Road &, Enoch Sontonga Ave, Johannesburg


Camille Bourdier is a specialist of Stone Age rock art and portable art. Her research mainly investigates Western Europe and focuses on : i) stylistic change and/or continuity through deep time; ii) stylistic variability in space, function(s) of rock art sites and the possible link with territorial structuring; iii) prehistoric audience and social uses of images; iv) symbolic relations with the animal world; v) novel technologies and related methodological developments (3D, GIS). Throughout the past years she has been a member of different research teams including Chauvet and Cussac caves, collaborated on several national projects, and she co-supervises two interdisciplinary research projects.

Besides her Western Europe activity, she has built strong connections with Southern Africa through various collaborations overall several years, including two rock art workshops in South Africa (2008, 2010), two invited lectures given in Johannesburg (2015), as well as a starting franco-zimbabwean research project on the Matobo rock art that she supervises with her colleagues Ancila Nhamo from the University of Zimbabwe (UZ), Tafadzwa Makwabarara from the National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe, and Guillaume Porraz from the CNRS & Université Paris Nanterre in France.


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