The Hidden Years of South African Music


© IFAS-Research/ HYMAP


The Institut français (Paris), the French Embassy in South Africa and IFAS-Research are pleased to present the Hidden Years Music Archive Project, which is hosted by the Africa Open Institute for Music, Research and Innovation (Faculty of Art and Social Sciences, Stellenbosch University).

This documentary is part of a project initiated and supported by the Institut français (Paris), the French Institute of South Africa and IFAS-Research, called “Sounds of Southern Africa”.

The documentary was produced and directed by Nicki Priem (Mad Little Badger). It was elaborated in collaboration between the IFAS-Research (Sophie Dulucq and Line Relisieux) and HYMAP (Lizabé Lambrechts, Pakama Ncume, Nicole van der Merwe) teams.
Shot by Roscoe Vercueil. Edited by Matthiew Daniels. Final mix by Morné Marais (Sound Surgeon Studio).

All the music was recorded by David Marks.
Photographs and material from the Hidden Years Music Archive, Stellenbosch University.

Special thanks to:
Lizabé Lambrechts, head curator of the HYMAP.
Africa Open Institute for Music, Research and Innovation, Stellenbosch University.
Documentation Centre for Music, Stellenbosch University Library and Information Service.
David and Frances Marks, for spending their lifetime collecting and sharing the music of South Africa.