Research Themes


Archaeology and Prehistory

  • Paleoanthropology, evolution of the hominids and Homo;
  • Archaeology and multidisciplinary studies of Middle and Late Stone Ages, historical archaeology;
  • Rock art.


Medieval, Early Modern and Contemporary History of Southern African Societies

  • Long distance connections, integration of Southern Africa in Atlantic and Indian Ocean circulations, material and cultural circulations since the first millennium CE;
  • Social history, imperial history, social and racial hierarchies, slavery;
  • Current issues of memory in Southern Africa, historical régimes, construction of fields and categories.


Contemporary Dynamics: Urban Studies, Democratic and Economic Transformations

  • Geography and urban studies, historical development of Southern African cities, governance, access to public services, security, spatial justice, right to the city, city memory;
  • Migration studies, borders, xenophobia;
  • Democratic mutations in Southern Africa, electoral dynamics, citizenship and its transformation, identity policies, nation-building processes;
  • Resources, economic policy, comparative development economics, labor;
  • Education, youth, social movement.