An evening of debate and music dedicated to musical movements and countercultures in Southern Africa.

> Saturday 28 March | 6pm – 2am

> Keleketla! Library, Troyeville, Johannesburg

In 2020, IFAS-Research will explore the various musical movements born in reaction to, or in resonance with the social and political realities of oppression, authoritarianism and colonisation.

This event is part of the cycle “Sounds of Southern Africa – Music, Empowerement, Freedom”, organised by IFAS Research (French Institute of South Africa) and IFAS Culture, with the support of the INSTITUT FRANÇAIS.

Musical movements encapsulate an era. As immaterial results of the intertwinement of ideas, cultures, societies, and politics, they bear testimony to long gone emotions, to past tensions, and sometimes to forgotten political struggles. In South Africa, and more broadly in Southern Africa, music provides an excellent entry point into the dynamics of politics, power, segregation and inequality over the last century, and also a very good ‘laboratory’ to study contemporary conflicts, tensions and public debate.

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