Social scientists’ views on Covid-19 in Southern Africa (16)

Illustration by Southern Centre for Inequality Studies @Wits_SCIS

Encounters with Covid

Exploring the theme of the pandemic through a series of podcasts and platforming experts’ and social scientists’ insights on the economic impact of Covid-19 in South Africa, this miniseries of 3 episodes is a collaborative project between Wits University Southern Center for Inequalities Studies (SCIS) and Rethinking Economics for Africa (REFA).

Episode 1 features three guests, the journalist Kirsten Pearson, Ihsaan Bassier (a Phd candidate in Economics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst) and Lynford Dor (Casual Workers Advice Office). It explores how the weaknesses of the social security system has been exposed by the lockdown.

Episode 2 features two guests : Dr Thabang Sefalafala (Wits University economic sociology lecturer) and Lynford Dor (Casual Workers Advice Office). They offer a macro and historical perspective on work and how they shape social relations in times of Covid-19. 

Episode 3 ( reflects, with Kirsten Pearson and Mike Sachs (University of the Witwatersrand), on the macroenomic and institutional ideas available to confront the many challenges exacerbated by the pandemic.