Lesedi #20 – November 2018

Lesedi.Field notes #20

Special issue on urban studies

Lesedi is the online journal of IFAS-Recherche, published as a field notes publication. The latest issue, #20, is mainly dedicated to urban studies, following the series of workshops and events Experimenting / Experiencing the City, organised in 2017 with our partners from South Africa, France and Mozambique.

Among other articles, the issue includes a paper in English by Sophie Oldfield (UCT) and an original comparative discussion on middle-class housing in South Africa, Brasil and India, with specialists from each country.

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Table of Contents

Dossier Etudes urbaines

Space Matters: La justice spatiale, où, pourquoi, comment ? |04
P. Gervais-Lambony

Framing Spatial Justice through the Politics of Waiting |13
S. Oldfield

Le logement des classes moyennes. Approche croisée : Afrique du Sud, Brésil, Inde |22
K. Lévy, H. Rouanet, J. Sette Whitaker Ferreira, with T. Vernet-Habasque

De la standardisation des formes urbaines à l’anonymisation des classes moyennes. Approche photographique des complexes fermés à Johannesburg |34
K. Lévy

Chercheurs et terrains

Explorer le passé à Sterkfontein : comment l’examen du virtuel des restes fossiles participe à la (re)découverte de notre histoire |38
A. Beaudet


Collection “Regards Croisés França/Mocambique” |46